Benefits of Your Next Massage with Marcos

The Massage Therapy at Condition For Life is not the ordinary Deep Tissue Massage found at other Chiropractic offices, but an orthopedic form of bodywork that incorporates various manual techniques designed to: decrease pain, promote healing, improve function, prevent injuries and enhance performance. These techniques include: 


Muscle Inhibition/Activation Techniques
• Resets muscle length and tension which increase flexibility, joint stability and can dissolve painful trigger points.
• Increases muscle fiber recruitment that strengthens weak muscles.
Joint Mobilization
• Lubricates joints which reduce irritation of pain receptors.
• Facilitates nutrient exchange promoting cartilage regeneration.
• Breaks up scar tissue adhesions on capsule to improve range of motion.
Myofascial Release
• Decompresses tissue which can impede the free movement of blood, lymph, nerve impulses and cranial bones.
• Elongates chronically contracted tissue that can negatively effect posture.
• Hydrates tissue to improve cellular metabolism.
Friction Therapy
• Remodels scar tissue on muscles, tendons and ligaments improving function.
• Promotes collagen synthesis to strengthen tendons and speed the healing of ligaments.
• Releases endorphins that decrease pain.
Lymphatic Facilitation
• Reduces swelling to decrease pain and stiffness.
• Improves immune function by increasing white blood cell activity.
• Speeds the assimilation of fat-soluble nutrients improving cellular function.
(People with certain conditions such as lymphedema, cancer and cardiac insufficiency require a practitioner with advanced training and certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage which I do not have. MR)


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