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Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board oversees the certification process of chiropractors for certification and diplomat levels of chiropractic rehabilitation specialists. This sight provides insight into the background of a chiropractic rehabilitation specialist as well as a resource to find both certified and diplomat level doctors in your area.

Expand Understanding

PubMed is the database search engine for the National Library of Medicine. This is an excellent resource for articles found in peer-reviewed, scientific journals concerning all medical matters.

The online journals such as Journal of Sports Science & Medicine can provide insight on many topics in sports science, biomechanics and medicine. The articles you find in these journals are written for the professional, so you may require a medical dictionary as you read through them.

Training Tools

Perform Better, Power Systems, SKLZ, and Rogue Fitness, provide extensive product line for equipment to help you develop a complete functional training program.

Training Resources

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning organization developed to complement military, police and fireman training. They utilize principles form olympic, kettlebell, gymnastics and various other training protocols to develop their programs. The environment is very supportive and encouraging. With the proper training it can be safe. However, unless their workouts are modified to your level, CrossFit can be a bit excessive in performance levels for most people. They seem to have sound ideas about lifting, body weight exercises and training cycles. Keep in mind, CrossFit is strength conditioning and may bring out biomechanical dysfunctions without proper coaching. For better performance in sports, complement CrossFit training with sport-specific technical, multi-directional and speed training and you will make a big step forward in your game. 

Occupational Medicine

California Workers' Compensation Board and the Oregon Workers' Compensation Board oversees the laws concerning workers' injuries, provides worker education and handles arbitration matters. A California Workers' Rights Handbook is available at the California sight for download.