For Clients And Patients

Functional training forms a large part of Condition For Life training. Retraining and reinforcing proper movements is extremely important for attaining long term results. This approach is a paradigm shift in managing your progress that utilizes techniques and exercises that restore proper function, postures and movements resulting in better balance, coordination and agility. Functional training focuses on training chains of muscle groups (kinetic chains) to work together in a coordinated fashion, reinforcing movement patterns specific to your sport, work or everyday life. Functional training is an active approach that involves you in activities that are designed specifically to meet your goals.

Learning any new skill follows a three step sequence:

  1. Learn what needs to be done and why.
  2. Learn how to do it.
  3. Repeat it until it becomes habit and you no longer need to think about it.

We call this final step "grooving". Grooving is accomplished by repeatedly performing proper movements through a progressive series of activities and exercises with increasing demands.




To aid in this learning sequence, exercise tracks begin with simple, easy to perform movements and progress to very difficult exercises that can demand much coordination, endurance, strength and, in some instances, power output. These progressive tracks allow you to start at a point where you feel comfortable, in control and are able to perform the exercise in a way that will help you the most, then progress at a rate that matches your improvements and goals.

Throughout your training sessions we constantly focus on the fundamentals of form and technique necessary to develop optimum coordination, control, and posture. These fundamentals form the basis of all we do, no matter what your performance level is.

The rudimentary exercise tracks presented on here are for our new clients and patients. Very little instruction is given with the diagrams because this information is provided as a resource for our clients and patients who have been instructed in the particular nuances associated with their specific level.